What's On: Where to Find Your Inspiration?

Diversity: the inclusion of individuals representing more than one national origin,color, religion, 
socioeconomic stratum, sexual orientation, etc.:

As we all know, in this big big world we are all different, but when it comes to fashion we tend to fall in some categories that 'define' our style. Even if you dress eclectically, there's always a name for describing a style (think "boho kinda tomboy yet minimalist"), you can't escape looking like a certain style. So this is what this post is about: what style is what you're wearing and how do you manage to find what you like? I'm naming six common styles and posting some links that'll redirect you to the perfect inspiration sites. Keep scrolling and find your inspiration now!


Main Pieces: Kimonos, flowy maxi skirts, flared jeans, fringes, earth colors, sandals.



Main Pieces: Hottest piece of the moment, anything on trend.

Where to Buy: Zara, Mango, Topshop

What/Who to Google: Style.com, Whowhatwear, streetstyle



Main Pieces: Graphic tees that describe you, leather jacket, skinny jeans, vintage/thrifted clothes, original clothes, white sneakers, colored hair

Where to Buy: Local thrift store, Nasty Gal, NylonSHOP, Koshka


Main Pieces: Basics, monochromatic wardrobe, black and white garments, silver, denim



Main Pieces: Baggy jeans, beanies, oxford shoes or sneakers, loose fit tees, combat boots, hoodies, suits, trousers

Where to Buy: WildFang, Hot Topic, Zumies



Main Pieces: Well fitted dresses, cute prints, pastel and light colors, feminine cuts and moderate lengths, lace

Where to Buy: BCBG, J. Crew

What/Who to Google: Taylor Swift, Blair Waldorf, Lauren Conrad


I truly hope this post can help you get ideas on what your style might be and find stores that are mostly about a style. There's others stores like Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters that have almost about any kind of style so that'd be simpler to find different stuff to complement your way of dressing.

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