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So keeping up with my trip (I really have to get over it now, but I have so much to share), I'm going to talk about more places in Turkey, other than Istanbul, and I think this covers all of the places I visited in Turkey, so keep it up and wait for my update on Greece and NYC. I'm also showing the second part of my video down below so scroll down to watch it!

This place is Anakara, the capital city of Turkey, it is a really nice and calm city, very neat and beautiful. The attraction in Ankara is Ataturk's Mausoleum which is a memorial building and museum holding Mustafa Ataturk's tomb; it was good to visit this place because it was all about the story of this man and how he separated muslim religion from the government, he made a lot of things in benefit of Turkey, he made education for women possible and I guess he made it possible for us tourists to walk freely on Turkey. Other than that, we walked around, went shopping and that was all we did in Ankara. 

On our way to Cappadocia, we stopped by a lake called Lake Tuz which is a saline lake (that means tooons of salt). The ground looked like a pink-ish hue and it was so pretty. I made a mistake wearing a hat because eventhough the sun was so strong, there was a lot of wind going on and it blew my hat several times. Then we headed to Cappadocia which is this pretty amazing valley with those weird looking mountains with caves in it (real caves in it, people lived in those).

On this day we stopped by on this great view of Cappadocia's valley and we went to a national park with some more old churches inside of caves and walked around for a while and ate by a river in some really cool kind of living rooms (i don't know how to call them), it was pretty chill. I wore this red t-shirt that reads "choose happiness" I thought it really went with the place because it is sooo pretty and made me happy, ja.

Pamukkale is a national park also a world's heritage; it used to be a city and now there's only remains of it but the theatre was reconstructed and it is beautiful. There were some hot springs that were part of an amazing white landscape because of the limestone. One of my favorite places.

In Ephesus, we visited the house of the virgin Mary, in which she lived after Jesus' death. It was a pretty emotional trip in there. We left some thankyou notes in a big wall full of them and then headed to an ancient greek city (yes, in Turkey). It is a very interesting place with remains of a library and a theatre. About the outfit, this is now my favorite romper, it's a denim one and I wore it with my white sneakers and a cute hat.

I hope you enjoyed this post, if not for what I wrote at least for the pictures. Please keep up I still have many pictures and stories to share!! Here's the vid:

I was obsessed with this song during the trip:

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